Beautiful for the holidays

Beautiful for the holidays

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To make a magical evening make-up, take out the rhinestones, sequins, pearls and iridescent powders. Dare these few fancy touches and you will be the most dazzling mom.

Party Makeup: Must-Do Stages

To make your makeup successful, do the following:

  • Unify your skin texture with a foundation.
  • Reveal a solar complexion with golden glitter.
  • Blur small imperfections with an illuminating care.
  • Illuminate your eyes with mother-of-pearl or glitter.
  • Make yourself a glamorous look with a liner or an iridescent kohl pencil.
  • Put some blush on the bulging of your cheekbones.
  • Hem your eyelashes with dark mascara, black preferably.
  • Enhance your smile with a glossy matte, satin or pearlescent lipstick.
  • Make your lips sparkle with a shiny glossy pearly or slightly glittery gloss.
  • Put your hands in value with nail polish.

Good colors

Depending on the style and color of your outfit, you will adopt a more or less sustained and sophisticated makeup.

  • Prefer soft colors and iridescent reflections if you wear red.
  • Opt for glittery powders with golden reflections, an iridescent gloss if you have set your heart on a lamée dress.
  • Rush on a dark eye shadow and a crimson lipstick with your black dress.

Some tips for your party makeup

So that your makeup does not let go during the evening, borrow from the pros their good gestures:

  • Lay a base makeup on your eyelids that will make up the makeup.
  • Prefer a tonic lotion rather than your moisturizer to keep a fresh complexion.
  • Wake up your eyes with a care contour of the eye anti-fatigue.
  • Apply by simply pressing the sheets of pre-powdered paper as soon as the shine appears.

Monique Fort