Camping with baby: testimonials and tips for a successful stay

Camping with baby: testimonials and tips for a successful stay

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Outdoor life, night in tents, improvised picnics ... a great adventure? These parents' testimonials, accompanied by the advice of a psychologist, will help you better enjoy your first camping experience with your family.

A small campsite on the farm

"We opted for a small campsite on the farm, in the countryside. Camping crowded seaside did not seem very suitable, because too hectic and noisy. (Denis, dad of Lucien, 18 months)

The opinion of Patricia Chalon, psychologist

  • Very good idea ! In a toddler, the sleep-wake rhythm is fragile, its small internal clock is easily disrupted. Too many people, too much noise or agitation around him tend to excite and disturb his nap and his sleep at night. What turn it into an electric pile! Not ideal for a successful holiday ...
  • Only downside possible: farm animals that may be able to impress. Do not hesitate to prepare this meeting upstream, for example by reading books that show cows, chickens, geese ..., and by familiarizing them with their cries.

Constant monitoring!

"I do not keep a good memory of camping holidays! There was a pool nearby, vehicles running in the aisles. It was a constant watch. " (Gaëlle, mother of Emilien, 20 months)

Patricia Chalon's review

  • As a campsite is less secure than a home, increased surveillance will be essential. To better live this constraint, parents can choose a campsite whose pool is protected by an enclosure, ask for a location near a pedestrian path ...
  • Better to set up a schedule: at certain times of the day, one of the parents is dedicated to his child, while the other bed, sleeps or bathes, the spirit totally free!


"The first night in the tent, our daughter was worried because of the noises, the shadows, the tent that was moving. We had to take her to our bed to reassure her. " (Anita, mother of Cora, 2 years old)

Patricia Chalon's review

  • In a toddler, the imagination is fruitful and active. The unknown and a little strange sensations that the little camper discovers will lead him to build more or less frightening scenarios.
  • To avoid being overflowed, nothing like concrete explanations: this weird noise is only the wind; this light that seems to dance on the canvas, it is only the lamppost of the campsite ... Let's never forget that the knowledge is always very effective to make back the fears!

In direct contact with nature

"Our little man enjoyed himself at the campsite! He was in direct contact with nature. In the morning, he had only to crawl out of the tent to find himself in the grass. " (Arthur, father of Sacha, 2 years old)

Patricia Chalon's review

  • Sleeping under a simple tent, without the barrier of a solid wall, gives the physical sensation of being one with nature. We sleep on the floor, we eat on the floor or on makeshift furniture, we poke with the fingers a food often simpler than at home, the clothes are a little wrinkled ...
  • If parents offer their child to play and "pretend" they are Indians or prehistoric men, he will be the happiest toddler! By joining him in his imaginary world, parents build with their toddlers a solid relationship of trust and complicity.

Isabelle Gravillon with the collaboration of Patricia Chalon, author of The Fears of the Child: Understanding and Reassuring (Ed Eyrolles) for the supplement for parents of Popi magazine, August 2017.