How to have a flat belly ?

How to have a flat belly ?

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You feel "pissed off" in your jeans because of a small "belly" that persists since the birth of your baby. When he is abused, the belly, a very sensitive area, swells up. Our solutions to find a flat stomach.

Review your diet

A good choice of food helps prevent the swelling and bulges:

  • Eat animal protein to be satiated: meat, poultry, fish, eggs.
  • Limit dishes with sauce, fries, soft drinks, chewing gum, sweets.
  • Bet on green vegetables and the fruits that drain the body.
  • Take your time to eatsitting at a table for 30 minutes, chewing well.
  • Choose cooked foods : cooking facilitates digestion.

Practice a physical activity

Physical exercise helps burn calories, melt locally, and tuck up your lap belt.

Good activities:

  • Practice an endurance sport : walking, jogging, cycling ...
  • Doing abs : to solicit the abdominal muscles 10 minutes each morning.
  • Work your posture : practicing Pilates, yoga, water aerobics, dancing.


The belly is the receiver of your malaise, your stress which leads to bloating and transit problems.

The solutions to be zen:

  • Take a deep breath: stand or lie on your back, breathe, open the chest and abdomen, block the air and exhale.
  • Massage your belly : first in a clockwise direction, slowly, then pinch the skin by peeling off and rolling it.

Crémez you

Choose slimming creams rich in draining and destocking active ingredients, formulas developed specifically to fight against abdominal curves.

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Gym abs: the video.

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