Pancakes: recipes and that jumps!

Pancakes: recipes and that jumps!

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Sweet or savory, pancakes are the delight of gourmands ... young and old! To enjoy Candlemas and Mardi Gras, here are some nice and delicious recipes to enjoy with your family.

Want a family pancake party? Vary the pleasures with our delicious recipes. Sweet or savory, crepes are the delight of gourmands ... Candlemas, but not only.

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Idea + a pancake recipe for children with allergies

The idea? Replace egg and milk with starch and sparkling water. Concretely, just mix 3 tablespoons of flour, a tablespoon of cornstarch or potato, and 25 cl of sparkling water. Add a tablespoon of vanilla or chocolate flan powder to find the surfactant effect of the egg / milk mixture, then 2 tablespoons of oil (recipe Véronique Olivier)

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