Baby teeth: the order of exit

Baby teeth: the order of exit

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When and in what order will your baby's milk teeth point? This milestone in the development of your baby usually begins around 6 months and ends around 3 years.

In utero teeth formation

  • The formation of the teeth of your future baby begins in the 2nd month of pregnancy, the enamel becomes mineralized from the 4th month.

The time of the first tooth does not ring at the same time for all babies

  • The age of the first teeth is very variable from one child to another. There is no point in waiting desperately, flashlight in hand, as the first tooth is pointing the tip of his nose! It can go out from 3 or 4 months in some, to more than a year in others. But some babies are gifted in the milk tooth! As soon as they were born, they already wear one or two quenottes.

The order of exit of the teeth

  • Teeth have a life before birth. From the 7th month of life in utero, the baby teeth are formed! For their appearance, everything is programmed.
  • Usually, the first tooth (or the first two) comes out around 6 months. In the order of arrival: lower central incisors are usually in the head, between the 6th and the 10th month on average.
  • Heels closely by upper central incisors between the 7th and the 12th month.
  • Then follow lower and upper lateral incisors between the 7th and the 16th month. Your child is then armed to cut and nibble. Offer him only small pieces to eat because he is not yet equipped to grind.
  • Around 1 year, the lower first molars appear as well as canines. Your child will soon be able to eat like a big one, that is, grind and chew.
  • In the back of the pack: the molar seconds. They emerge only between the 20th and the 33rd month.

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