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Paper angels, cheerful people, funny keychains or lucky charms ... discover our ideas for decorating your home. Some will also make funny little gifts!

Gift ideas (5 photos)

The little cherubs

Material: a paper doily, transparent paper, colored paper, glue.
Production : cut in the placemat dresses for angels. For the head, hair, wings, arms and legs, use the transparent and colored papers. Then stick them on the dress. Draw the faces. Use the remaining colored papers to decorate the dresses. Then fix the angels to the window with adhesive paper.

The keychain

Material: a children's drawing, a colored paper-card, a carnation, a ring of key-rings.
Production : get a drawing of your child, stick it on a colored cardboard and have it laminated. Pierce one end, add a carnation and hang a ring. The keychain is ready!

The ginger men

Ingredients (for 8 men):
200 g of butter
200 g of sugar
4 c. tablespoon of glucose
2 egg yolks
20 g fresh ginger
2 tbsp. powdered ginger
500 g flour
For the decoration:
100 g icing sugar
1.5 c. lemon juice
Production : Mix the sugar and softened butter. Add glucose and egg yolks. Add the fresh ginger to the garlic press then add it along with the ginger powder and the flour.
Lower the dough thus obtained to obtain a thickness of 0.5 cm.
Cut the snowmen with a cookie cutter, decorate with the raisins. Bake at 175 ° C for 10 to 15 minutes.
Mix the icing sugar and lemon juice. Put in a cool place so that the preparation hardens. You just have to decorate your man with this frosting.

The lucky charm

Material: a wooden board of about 30 x 30 cm and a thickness of 10 mm, a pencil, a saw, emery cloth, white paint, colored papers.
Production : let your child draw a face (or a bird or object of his choice) on the wooden board with a pencil. Cut out with the saw the contours of this face (a task of course reserved for parents) and polish the corners with the emery cloth. Apply a coat of white paint to the face and let it dry.
Now, your child can paint and decorate at leisure his little lucky charm, which will quickly find a place of choice in your home.


Material: metallized foil, wire, glue gun, scissors, large needle.
Production : cut into the metallized sheet a square of 20 cm by 20 cm. Then, using scissors, cut out rounds on each side.