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Photos of Prince Louis

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On May 5th, the royal family published two new pictures of the royal baby 3. A photo taken on May 2nd with Charlotte, the day of her 3rd birthday and another while Prince Louis was only 3 days old.

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Pictures of Prince Louis (90 photos)

Charlotte and Louis

On the occasion of the 3 years of Charlotte, May 2, the royal family published this photo of the little princess with her little brother, Louis, born April 23.

Louis, 3 days

This photo of the new Prince Louis was taken when he was 3 days old. All dressed in white, the little prince looks already very awake.

It's a little Louis!

We finally know the name of the royal baby 3: Louis! Arthur was the favorite name of the bookmakers, but Louis was chosen as the first name. The other names are Arthur and Charles. The baby will therefore be known as his Royal Highness Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge - Prince Louis of Cambridge on a daily basis. Regarding the choice of Louis, nothing to do with the French monarchy, it is above all the 4th name of Prince William and that of Lord Mountbatten, great-uncle and godfather of Prince Charles.

The royal baby is born

And three for the pretty royal family! On April 23, as expected, a new little prince was born. We discover the first official photos of this new birth that makes the happiness of the United Kingdom.

Welcome to the little prince

On April 23, 2018 at 11:01 am, William and Kate welcomed their third child, a baby boy. Born at St Mary's Hospital in London, like his elders, the new royal baby weighed 3.8 kg at birth and arrived right at the end of Kate's term.

Charlotte and George ... eager to meet him

In the late afternoon, Prince George, age 4, and his younger sister, Charlotte, age 2, visited their mom and their new little brother at the maternity ward.

George and Charlotte ... soon the meeting

Official presentation in front of the maternity ward

It was in the early evening that the couple introduced the new prince to the crowd in front of the maternity, as is the tradition, before joining the Palace. Here are the photos of George's first releases on July 22, 2013 (left) and Charlotte on May 2, 2015 (right).

Charlotte: back to the nursery

After George on September 7th, it was Charlotte's turn to make her first comeback on January 8th. The opportunity for the royal family to publish new photos of the young princess en route to the nursery.

Back to the nursery for Charlotte

Little Charlotte, who will turn 3 on May 2nd, made her first comeback at Willcocks Nursery School on January 8th, 2018.

Charlotte ready for the big boys

The opportunity for the royal family to share two pretty pictures of the young Duchess of Cambridge made by Kate Middleton on the steps of Kensington Palace. Cloaked in her red coat and very smiling, Charlotte does not seem to apprehend this jump in the big leagues!

Charlotte in her brother's footsteps

It was Kate who had immortalized two years ago, on January 6, 2016, the entry of her son George at Montessori School in Westacre. This year, in September, Thomas's Battersea School, the little prince came in, accompanied by his dad, Kate Middleton suffering from severe nausea at the beginning of her third pregnancy. A birth scheduled for April ... and which will undoubtedly be the occasion to share new beautiful photos of the royal family.

Charlotte and George celebrate Christmas

For the end of year celebrations, the royal family has come out with this cliché of little princes surrounded by their parents. An official photo published December 18, 2017 ... but that would have been taken well before, before the announcement of the new pregnancy of Kate.

George makes his return

On Thursday, September 7th, the son of Kate Middleton and Prince William made his return to school at Thomas's Battersea. The opportunity for the royal family to publish new photos.

Pose between men

It was Prince William who accompanied his son to school. Kate Middleton, pregnant with her third child, suffers from severe nausea as in previous pregnancies.

A princely return

Even the little princes do not escape the re-entry ... Here, Prince George meets Helen Haslem, the director of the London nursery school Thomas's Battersea.

All of a big

With his school uniform and binder, the 4-year-old prince has everything he needs. "Pleasure, learning, achievement" is the philosophy of this London school where the little prince will be known as George Cambridge.

George is 4 years old

Back from their family trip to Poland and Germany, the little prince has a smile ... and for good reason, he is celebrating his 4th birthday! Every year, Prince George's birthday is an opportunity to discover a new official portrait. 4 years old this year ... and already an air of big!

Always wise as an image

The years go by ... but Prince George is still so cute

Prince George ... the passion of the helicopters

Published on July 21, 2017, this photo confirms that everything that flies gives the little prince a smile! Source: Twitter

Landing in Berlin

After Poland, it is in Germany that the royal family continues its journey. George and Charlotte arrive on the red carpet with their parents.

Departure for Berlin

Wednesday, July 19th ... the whole family leaves Poland for Berlin
Source: Twitter

Brother and sister ... too cute

It is Germany that will now welcome the little princes!
Source: Twitter

A royal arrival!

July 17, 2017 ... Head to Poland and Germany for the second official visit of George and Charlotte with their parents.

A quartet of charm

Charlotte and her mom

While George walks with his dad from his almost 4 years (which he will celebrate July 22), it is in the arms of Kate Middleton that Charlotte made her arrival on the tarmac of the airport of Warsaw .

George ... the quiet strength

Hand in the pocket ... another in his dad's hand, it is in all relaxation that Prince George made his arrival. The trip will last until July 21 and we will probably offer new shots of royal babies!
Photos: Twitter

Happy birthday grandma!

Once again, George and Charlotte were chewed to celebrate the 91 years of the Queen on June 17, 2017 ... and also very dispelled.

A little princely couple always so cute

Once again, George and Charlotte were cheering to celebrate the 91st birthday of the Queen on June 17th, 2017. For this anniversary, marked by the ceremony entitled Trooping The Color, the whole family was present. All eyes were turned that day on the little princely couple who made the show at the balcony of Buckingham showing themselves particularly dispelled ... and very interested in the passage of the Royal Air Force!

The Royal Air Force is great!

Accomplices ... and both fascinated by the spectacle of planes in the London skies.

Charlotte ... 2 years!

On May 2, 2017, Princess Charlotte celebrated her 2 years. Cut to the square, pale yellow cardigan, smile wise ... the young princess is still so cute!

Direction St. Mark's Church at Englefield

This year, the Royal Family did not attend the traditional 2016 Sandringham Celebrations, but attended Christmas Mass in Kate Middleton's hometown at St. Mark's Church in Englefield, South Carolina. 'England.

First Christmas Mass for Little Princes

It is all proud and always very elegant that Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrived at the church with their parents.

Kate and Charlotte, an elegant duo

In the arms of Kate, a little princess Charlotte, in an outfit with colors matching those of her mother. Elegance is family!

George, still in short pants

It is always with his famous short breeches that Prince George walks proudly holding the hand of his dad.

A Christmas barley sugar in the hand

Handsome prince, George is no less a little boy of 3 years and a half, holding in his hand his Christmas barley sugar.

Charlotte is not left out

Charlotte too was treated to her barley sugar, like a big or almost a year and a half.

A little royal couple

George and Charlotte ... both to eat!

George and Charlotte in Canada

For their first official appearance, Charlotte and George arrived on September 24, 2016 in Canada. It is in the arms of his mum and all flirt that Charlotte came down from the plane, while George (and his faithful Bermuda shorts) dies the steps ... like a big 3 years!

George and Charlotte in Canada

The great passion of Prince George? Planes and everything that flies! So, think that the protocol is not (yet) too much his cup of tea!

George and Charlotte in Canada

So not his cup of tea ... he amused everyone by "snubbing" (nicely) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Top in the hand? No question ... Shake hands? No more ! On the other hand, a hello to the crowd ...

George and Charlotte in Canada

At this first official appearance both, Charlotte and George cracked the Canadiens (and us)

George and Charlotte in Canada

For this royal visit to Canada, George and Charlotte were invited to a snack organized by an association that helps the children of the military. A birthday-like snack that the little princes seemed to enjoy.

George and Charlotte in Canada

Charlotte ... the princess to her daddy!

George and Charlotte in Canada

The arms of mom ... it's good for the little princess Charlotte, decidedly too cute!

George and Charlotte in Canada

Bubbles ... George is fascinated.

George and Charlotte in Canada

Charlotte, she has a preference for balloons and animals ...

Prince Georges: 3 years already

On July 22, 2016, the little prince blew his three candles!

Prince Georges: 3 years already

Prince Georges: 3 years already

Prince Georges: 3 years already

Prince George visits the Royal Air Force

On July 8, 2016, Prince George visited the Royal Air Force with his parents. the opportunity to discover new photos of the little prince.

Prince George visits the Royal Air Force

Prince George visits the Royal Air Force

Prince George visits the Royal Air Force

The 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth

On the occasion of Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday celebrations on June 11, 2016, Charlotte and George showed up on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. A first for the little prines that seem to appreciate!

Charlotte: 1 year already!

May 2, 2016, Charlotte celebrates her 1 year!

Charlotte: 1 year already!

To celebrate the occasion, the royal family has published 4 new portraits of the little princess, photos taken in April by Kate.

Charlotte: 1 year already!

Little knot in her hair, adorable bouille ... Charlotte has many similarities with her brother.

Charlotte: 1 year already!

Dreamy look, blue eyes ... it makes us crack!

George receives the Obama couple

On April 22 ... Prince George received distinguished guests at Kensington Palace, the Obama couple on official visit. To do this, he had donned an outfit for the less comfortable ... his pajamas and his dressing gown. Crying again!

George receives the Obama couple

This beautiful rocking horse is the one offered by the Obama couple to the little prince for his birth in July 2013. Today ... George is (almost) a confirmed rider!

The 90th birthday of Elisabeth II

New family photos published by the Twitter account of Kensington Palace on the occasion of the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II on April 21st, 2016.

George's very 'official' portrait posing alongside his great-grandmother and two other heirs to the crown like him, Prince William and Prince Charles. To put himself at the height of the situation, George is hoisted on blocks of foam. Malin ...

The 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Charlotte on her knees, the sovereign poses with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Aged from 11 months to 12 years, they are seven in total. On the left, the children of Prince Edward, James and Lady Louise, front left Mia Tindall, daughter of Zara Philips. On the lap of Queen Charlotte and her brother George on her right, with her cousins ​​Savannah and Isla Philips at her side.

Photo: Twitter

George and Charlotte on the slopes

On March 7, 2016, the Twitter account of the royal family published new photos of the little family gathered in the mountains. The opportunity to see that George and Charlotte have both pushed well ... like the little quenottes of the princess!

George and Charlotte on the slopes

It is the royal photographer John Stillwell who realized these shots of the little family gathered under the snow in combination ... royal of course!

The return of Prince George

Wednesday, January 6, 2016, great day for Prince George, 2 years and a half, who made his return to school.

The return of Prince George

It is an establishment in Norfolk whose pedagogy is based on the Montessori method which welcomes the young prince in his kindergarten. It seems to please him ...

George and Charlotte ready for Christmas

It is the whole family who poses on this new photo ... the opportunity to wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year to all!

Charlotte, 6 months

Since her baptism in July 2015, no new photos of Princess Charlotte have been published. On November 29, Kate Middleton posted on the Twitter account of Kensing-ton Palace. Charlotte is 6 months old and is all cute!

Charlotte, 6 months

Smiling, very affectionate, Princess Charlotte is a true love!

Prince George to chew!

We all loved this little costume of Prince George at the baptism of Charlotte! An English pastry chef, Lara Manson, made a cake decor up to 91 cm in a pastry contest in November 2015. Result? A gold medal !


Baptism of Princess Charlotte

Baptism of Princess Charlotte

Baptism of Princess Charlotte

Baptism of Princess Charlotte

Charlotte: baptism

Baptism of Princess Charlotte

Charlotte: baptism

Pictures of June 26: Beautiful prince, George leaves his sister to steal the show ... or almost

Pictures of June 26: A kiss of prince ... it does not refuse!

Pictures of June 26: Protector, Prince George is already smoldering his little princess

Pictures of June 26: George and Little Charlotte, a big royal brother

Sage ... as an image

First steps of the prince

Forward! July 2014, Prince George takes his first steps ...

Prince George on an official trip

First official trip for the young prince in April 2014 ... to Australia

Arrival in New Zealand

Prince George: Baptism

At the age of 3 months, October 23, 2013 ... it's baptism day for the little prince!

In dad's arms for his baptism

July 23, 2013: official presentation

On July 23, 2013, the day after his birth, Prince George makes his first "official" appearance in the arms of Kate Middleton

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