Ultrasound: to make the diagnosis yes, cinema, no!

Ultrasound: to make the diagnosis yes, cinema, no!

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Today, no need for a medical prescription to have a 3 D ultrasound of your baby ... Yet the practice of commercial ultrasound is not without danger for the health of babies! The National College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists French, the CNGOF, sounds the alarm.

Commercial ultrasound is a topic that mobilizes you, why?

  • Pr Jacques Lansac: "Since 2004, we have been legally demanding from the health authorities that ultrasound be used only for medical or obstetrical purposes, whether performed by a doctor or a midwife. is nothing.It is enough for future parents a click on the Internet to find the company, devoid of any medical expertise, who will achieve, for a fee, sonography "souvenir" in 3 or 4D of their baby. The purpose of ultrasound is to make the diagnosis, not the cinema, and its excessive use is discouraged. "

Ultrasound is not safe for the fetus?

  • Pr Jacques Lansac: "Although it is much safer than exposure to X-rays, we know that prolonged exposure to ultrasound is not without risks, especially on the brain, eye and genitals of the fetus. for this reason, in the context of a medical ultrasound, the ultrasound beam is constantly moved to limit the exposure time of each zone of the baby, which is not the case during a commercial ultrasound, where it is to continuously expose these areas to get the best images for an unforgettable antenatal video ... "

Is the practice of ultrasound not strictly regulated?

  • Pr Jacques Lansac: "The legislation only reserves the purchase and use of X-ray machines to doctors, which is implausible, but the 1962 decree applies only to x-ray machines and not to ultrasonics that did not exist. The AFSSAPS ** has been advocating since 2005 to limit fetal ultrasounds to medical use only and not to unnecessarily expose the fetus to ultrasound. It is urgent that the Minister of Health sign the bill to avoid possible deleterious effects and a health scandal. "

* Pr Jacques Lansac: former president of the CNGOF, president of the national commission of obstetrical and fetal ultrasound. ** AFSSAPS: French Agency for Health Safety of Health Products.

Frédérique Odasso

(News from 06/12/11)