By car, children!

By car, children!

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The car is revised, the levels checked, the trunk loaded ... It remains to be hoped that the children will bear the long road well. Some tips to improve their well-being and to avoid being sick.

Motion sickness, frequent up to 5 or 6 years

  • Many children suffer from motion sickness. This discomfort usually disappears around 5 or 6 years, but persists sometimes longer.
  • You will delay its appearance by removing dairy products, compotes, fruits and especially orange juice before and during the trip, and focusing on water, bread, biscuits and cereals. Never take the road while your children are fasting.
  • The pharmacist can advise you with remedies, homeopathy or an "acupressure" bracelet, but they are not always effective.

Antinausea remedies

  • The best prevention against motion sickness cWe must adopt a "casting" behavior: anticipate the braking to soften them, slow down before turning and avoid strong acceleration. All with soft music to promote sleep.
  • Nothing works ? The worst solution is emergency stop, traumatic for the child and potential cause of accident. The problem must be dealt with on board and calmly. Unable to install an adult in the back, a bib extended by a towel will limit the damage.
  • From 2 years old, replace it with a small bucket of beach attached at hand, a real remedy in itself. Your child will quickly learn to use it alone, his presence will reassure him, calm him down. Little by little, he will manage his own discomfort, especially by seeking sleep at the first symptoms. This empowerment is the best way to help him heal.
  • After vomiting, give to your sick boy a little water to rinse the mouth and avoid dental damage.

A time to eat, a time to sleep

  • You will also facilitate the road while respecting the meal rhythms and sleep of children under 6-7 years old.
  • Lunch at the canteen time (11:30 or noon, no later) and driving at nap time ... children. This will end with the driver's "every two hours" break, which will be used for a break-out session lasting at least fifteen minutes.
  • The gas station is not the best place for this. Better to refuel without hanging out - so without leaving your children ... - then stop further in a rest area with games.

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