Ernest and Celestine

Ernest and Celestine

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The adventures of Ernest, the bear badly licked, and Celestine the little mouse full of mischief, are finally adapted! Your child will love ... and you too.

From 4 years old: Ernest and Célestine

  • What is the story ? In the conventional world of bears, it is frowned upon to befriend a mouse ... And yet, Ernest, big marginal bear, will welcome home little Celestine, an orphan mouse who fled the underworld of rodents. These two loners will support and comfort each other, thus upsetting the established order ...
  • Why is it good? They have the taste of your childhood. Celestine, the mischievous puppy, and Ernest, the badly licked bear, come straight out of the 80s hit albums by author-designer Gabrielle Vincent. Worn on screen, their adventures preserve all the poetry, the fantasy, but with a more poignant scenario. From the first scenes, your little moviegoer will be snapped up by this terrifying orphanage director who tells the story of the big bad bear with puppets ... Du Dickens in watercolors! These two heroes, artists in love, would have pleased Chaplin and Jacques Tati ... Do not miss this happiness with family!
  • By B. Renner, screenplay by D. Pennac, StudioCanal. Duration: 1 h 19.
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