Make a follow-up reading

Make a follow-up reading

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Novels, plays, comics ... In cycle III, your apprentice reader goes into high gear. Discoveries he makes you share! Find out how it works in class and our tips for helping after school.

  • In Cycle II, the album was the main reading medium for your child. More experienced, here he is now discovering "reading followed" the pleasure of longer texts: novels, plays, comics, stories ...

When does it start?

  • From the beginning of cycle III. The 2002 programs strengthened the literature time and defined a list of recommended texts. Your child reads everyday in class. It's a priority! To motivate students - and it works! -, reading challenges are also organized between students of the same class or different classes.

In class, how long does it last?

  • The literature programs (say, read, write) announce a weekly schedule around 4:30 am. about an hour a day. The mornings are more devoted to reading followed, that is to say the common reading of a book by the class.
  • Other moments of the day These schedules are also included: at the end of the day, during silent readings of an individually chosen book, learning poems or theater texts, or researching a library for a presentation.

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