5 wellness tips for your late pregnancy

5 wellness tips for your late pregnancy

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Back pain, heavy legs, tiredness, shortness of breath ... the last trimester of pregnancy is often synonymous with fatigue, even exhaustion. To get in shape on the day of delivery, take care of yourself.

You do not feel your back

  • At the end of the 8th month, the weight of your baby reaches about 2.5 kg. Your belly weighs seriously, moving your center of gravity. To restore your balance, you camber your kidneys ... and pains are emerging.
  • Solution: to relieve you, here is a very simple movement that can be done anywhere. Find a wall on which to press your hands flat at your chest, arms outstretched. Place your feet about 1 meter from the wall. Lean forward. Keeping your back straight, try pushing the wall with your arms, while pulling the buttocks as far back as possible. Hold the position for ten seconds while breathing calmly. Detach yourself from the wall, release your arms and head, go back slowly by unrolling your back to return to the standing position.

You run out of breath very quickly

  • By gaining volume, your uterus compresses your diaphragm and reduces the volume of your ribcage. To compensate, your breathing accelerates. This hyperventilation makes you more vulnerable to stress.
  • Solution: to regain normal breathing, stand upright with your feet flat on the floor. Inhale, raising your arms above your head, then exhale, bringing your arms back along your body. Breathe well until you have recovered.

Your legs do not "carry" you anymore

  • Your circulation has changed during your pregnancy. Your blood volume has increased steadily to reach its maximum (+ 40%) around the 32nd week. Your heart rate has accelerated (10 to 20 more pulsations per minute) to pulse the 6 liters of blood per minute instead of 4 usually. A route that becomes particularly difficult in the lower part of your body because the uterus presses on your pelvis, compressing your venous system.
  • Solution: wear light compression stockings. Sitting, avoid crossing the legs or let them hang in the air to avoid blocking the circulation (in the first case, one leg presses on the other, in the second, the edge of the seat is "cut" your thighs) . Instead, place your feet flat on the floor to provide good support for your legs. As soon as possible, extend and elevate your legs, this position facilitates venous return.

You feel physically emptied

  • Not only your body, which works to maintain its balance, burns quickly the sugar you absorb, more your baby draws on your reserves. As a result, your strokes are multiplying.
  • Solution: consume more foods rich in vitamins and trace elements such as red meat (it contains more iron than white), pulses, green vegetables and fruits. Split your meals to regularly recharge your batteries.

... and morally

  • Your concern about D-Day is a feeling of lassitude and low morale? Do you have strange dreams and nightmares? Your unconscious is talking to you ... listen to it!
  • Solution: do not keep these worries to yourself, talk to the future dad, your friends, your doctor ... Meet other future moms. Expressing one's anguish aloud and realizing that they are often shared helps relieve them.

Karine Ancelet

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