5 tips to spend in a big bed!

5 tips to spend in a big bed!

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Your child is growing up, feels cramped in his crib and has an unfortunate tendency to climb? No doubt, it's time to move to a big bed! Here are 5 tips for this step to go smoothly and its nights are sweet ...

1. Large bed: choose the right time

  • Even if he has become too small for him, your child stays tied to his crib. He reassures him, wraps him up and secures him. The transition to a large bed must be done smoothly ... and at the right time. It usually takes place around 2.5 years, sometimes even before if your child climbs the bars and puts himself in danger.
  • This step must be done in a moment of stability, avoid the periods before re-entry, a move or that of the training of cleanliness.

2. Involve it in choosing the bed

  • After explaining why he must leave his crib, take him with you to choose his big bed. He will be proud! Do the same for choosing your duvet cover and sheets. What does he think of this Sam Sam ensemble?

3. Recreate his cocoon

  • If his bed changeshis benchmarks must be the same. Keep his pillow if he had one and, of course, keep his soft toys, his blanket. The rituals of the evening must also remain the same: hug, history ... avoid changing his habits on the pretext that "it's a big one".

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