5th month of pregnancy: 18th to 22nd week (20 to 24 weeks)

5th month of pregnancy: 18th to 22nd week (20 to 24 weeks)

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Here you are at more than half of your pregnancy! In about twenty weeks, you will hold your baby in your arms. Even more incredible, you can already touch it through your belly. Here, feet, here, the head and, oops, here it is, which goes the other way!

The look of a pregnant woman

  • At this stage of your pregnancy, you are fulfilled. Your body now looks like that of a pregnant woman. Your uterus reaches the belly button. Be careful of back problems: avoid going too far backwards, which you will tend to do to counteract the weight of your belly.

See you for the second echo

  • This month, there is of course your 3rd prenatal visit, but especially it will be the time of the 2nd ultrasound. You will see your baby "in real life" and above all, you will finally know if you are waiting for a girl or a boy ... Magic! If you do not want to know the sex of your baby, remember to tell the sonographer.
  • This echo, also called morphological examination, will check the growth of your baby, the proper functioning of its organs and the good position of the placenta. It will also be an opportunity to detect a possible anomaly.

But he moves!

  • If it's your first baby, it's likely that you feel it move. At first, it's not obvious, hardly a shudder in the hollow of your belly, like a bubble of air. If the sensation is repeated, no doubt, it is your baby who is manifesting! If you want to communicate with him, just put your hand on your stomach. He will be able to perceive slight waves via the amniotic fluid. And of course, do not forget to share these moments with the future daddy!
  • As soon as your baby moves, you can try to get in touch with him more precisely, thanks to haptonomy, a support at birth based on the establishment of an affective relationship, orchestrated by a practitioner, between you , the dad and the future baby, before birth. Haptonomy also allows you to learn effective actions to relax the day of delivery.

Preparing for childbirth is important

  • If you have not been seduced by haptonomy, perhaps you will prefer more traditional birthing classes? The goal is to understand what is happening in your body and to prepare well for the day J. You will learn to breathe, to relax, to push ... It will be the ideal moment to meet other future mothers. You can also opt for yoga, sophrology or preparation in the pool. Whatever your choice, do not deprive yourself, because the Social Security reimburses 8 sessions at 100%. And do not forget to bring the future dad!

SOS stretch marks?

  • First one on the belly, then two on the breasts ... No doubt, you have stretch marks. Pregnant, your skin is under severe stress. They appear where the skin is distended. What to do ? To erase them, not much, because they are indelible. On the other hand, to avoid them, you can take care to have a regular weight gain and, above all, to improve the resistance of your skin by massaging you with creams provided for this purpose on the zones with risks.

5th month baby side

He moves !

5th month: the video

My mind-stick of the 5th month

  • Send the care sheets for your third consultation.
  • Always have the telephone number of your midwife or gynecologist at hand. At the slightest concern, do not hesitate to call him.
  • Think about swimming to relax and relieve your back pain. This is the sport best suited to future moms!

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