5 misconceptions about the weight of pregnancy

5 misconceptions about the weight of pregnancy

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Weight gain is a central issue of your pregnancy. And some "truths" rather false than true that circulate tend to confuse ideas. The point on 5 received ideas to help you unravel the truth of the false on the pounds of pregnancy.

1. Pregnant, you must eat for two!

  • Not at all ! If your weight gain is too high, it will increase the likelihood of a complicated pregnancy with risks of gestational diabetes and hypertension and the threat of pre-eclampsia or toxemia of pregnancy. This can have serious consequences for you and your child.

2. Staying slim pregnant is better for your baby's health

  • It's wrong ! It is true that, for some time, there has been a new phenomenon: mummyrexia (anorexia of pregnant women), conveyed by many stars and supermodels who praise slimming during pregnancy. But wanting to stay slim pregnant can lead to serious deficiencies and carries significant risks, especially for the health of your baby. It has been scientifically demonstrated that insufficient weight gain during pregnancy increases the risk of mortality during the first year of life of the child.

3. Do not take more than 1 kilo per month

  • This is incorrect! There is no rule ! Your weight gain will depend on your height and starting weight. On average, you should take a total of 12 kilos. But if you were overweight before being pregnant, you will not be allowed to take as much as a tall, slender woman. Your weight gain should match your body mass index (BMI). In general, during pregnancy, it is recommended that women underweight to take between 13 and 18 kg. Those with a normal BMI should be between 11 and 16 kg. For overweight women, weight gain should not exceed 11 kg and 5 kg.
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