Early gratin with sheep cheese

Early gratin with sheep cheese

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The early vegetables are the first of the season, obtained naturally and growing in principle in the field. Picked very young, they are particularly tender and contain easily digestible fibers. Have your baby enjoy it from 1 year old with this recipe.


  • For 2 gratins:
  • 100 g fresh peas
  • 2 green asparagus
  • 2 carrots
  • 100 g of gourmet peas
  • 10 cl of béchamel
  • 60 g of sheep's cheese
  • chervil
  • Butter
  • salt
  • pepper.


Wash and peel the vegetables.
Cut the carrots into slices, the asparagus into sections and the gourmet peas in half.
Cook for 5 minutes in boiling water, drain.
Cut the cheese into cubes and mix with bechamel and vegetables.
Butter 2 ramekins and pour in the preparation.
Bake at 210 ° C (tea 7) for 15 minutes.