Pregnancy and factor V Leiden

Pregnancy and factor V Leiden

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"I had a recent miscarriage and would like to be pregnant again, but my gynecologist only advised me to consult a specialist because I have factor V from Leiden, do I really have to wait?" Dr. Michel Schadeck, phlebologist, answers Elodie's question.

The answer of Dr. Michel Schadeck, phlebologist

  • Factor V Leiden is a genetic disorder, part of thrombophilias, promoting faster blood coagulation. It causes clots that can clog a vein. It affects about 5 to 9% of the population and is screened through a biological assessment. Venous thrombosis (a clot) or phlebitis during pregnancy or after delivery may reveal this abnormality.
  • Your disease having been detected, a pregnancy can be considered, but under clinical supervision and, most of the time, under anticoagulant cover.

The mothers' point of view

  • "I had problems with coagulation that led to miscarriage I consulted a hematologist who put me on treatment: aspirin and subcutaneous injections in the thigh.My pregnancy is very monitored, I'm in the 5th month and everything is fine. " Jessica
  • "My gynecologist advised me to take a treatment before starting a baby, I followed her and a few months later I was pregnant and did not miscarry, it seems more reasonable to me to consult a specialist before considering pregnancy. " Sandrine

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