He refuses to stay alone in his big bed, what to do?

He refuses to stay alone in his big bed, what to do?

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Moving to the "big bed" is an important step for a child, but sometimes he refuses to stay alone? What to do ? Answer with "I raise my child" Laurence Pernoud.

  • Justine's question: "Our son Tiago just turned 2. We decided to install him in a" big bed. "At first he was delighted, but after 4-5 days he started to refuse to be alone In his bed, we tried to reassure him by reading stories, making him listen to music, but that did not change anything.As soon as we want to leave the room, he gets angry, starts to cry and We've tried to put him back in his old bed, but now he's climbing the bars, which is dangerous, the only solution we've found for him to fall asleep in his new bed is to to lie down next to him, we are a little lost, can you advise us? "
  • Tiago arrives at the age when the children are aware that they are alone in their bed while their parents are both and they can try to separate them. This awareness is also accompanied by the entrance into a complex Oedipal period where every child lives a difficult situation, with a little loneliness and distress, and also a little envy and rivalry.
  • In a moment of tranquility, you can explain to Tiago that parents are lovers that little children can not separate. All children go through this period, they grow up, and it's good to grow up. Does he want a little light that he could turn on and off by himself, a new pajama for "big"?
  • Of course, you must keep calm and not get upset, neither him, and especially you: children need parents to be simple in their explanations and sure of themselves in their decision, while remaining very kind in them. bringing back to their bed.

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