He broke his arm

He broke his arm

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Your child had a bad fall and broke his arm. In emergencies, he was asked a cast. Now what will happen to your little adventurer? The advice of Dr. Elke Viehweger, pediatric orthopedic surgeon.

The problem

He got very bad on the spot. Now that he is plastered, he suffers less. But he will have to learn to live differently for a few weeks.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. He can not play as he wants anymore. Once the plaster removed, he must avoid the sport.
  • You. You were very impressed by the fall and the fracture. You fear the consequences of this accident on the growth of his arm.


It's a fracture "in green wood"

It is very common.One of the two bones of the forearm is not broken cleanly, but bends. The very thick tissue surrounding the bone, the periosteum, remained in place around the fractured bone. We compare this fracture with a branch of green wood that we try to break and which gives way progressively instead of breaking clean.

What has to be done :

  • The X-ray of the arm allows to determine the type of fracture. If there is displacement, that is to say if the pieces of the bone are removed, the treatment will restore the continuity of the bone by "reducing" the fracture. By manipulating the arm, the physician puts the bone fragments back into place during a brief general anesthesia.
  • He then lays a plaster or resin that will remain for four to six weeks to allow the bone to rebuild.

What to tell him:

  • "The bone of your arm has been damaged and you have to heal it, you will be able to play in spite of the plaster, but your arm will have to remain quiet while it repairs itself."

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