6 games for baby this summer

6 games for baby this summer

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Summer is a great season for your baby. Especially that he will be able to enjoy you ... and our game ideas to discover his body, move his muscles and tame the separation.

Games for him to discover his body

An insinuating breath

  • The quivering of the air gives your baby a global perception of freshness on his body. You will help him to have a more refined knowledge of his limbs, his belly, his back, by directing your breath on a very specific part: from the palm of his hand to his armpit, through his wrist and the crook of his elbow (for example).

The caress of the grass

  • Collect a blade of grass that you will walk on your baby's leg, on his arm, his spine, around his waist ... His soft tip "prints" the sensation of a continuous line moving on his body. Do not overdo it if it's ticklish ...

Games for him to feel the dynamism of his muscles

The cat with a round back

  • Lie your baby on your back on a towel, take her wrists. Pull it smoothly to put it in a sitting position, then gently lower it to a lying position. This exercise allows him to become aware of the muscles in his back and strengthen them.

The cock that straightens the head

  • Roll it on your stomach, legs extended and joined (as much as possible). Grab his wrists. Lift very slowly his arms so that his bust takes off a few inches from the towel ... and go down slowly. Still a movement of bodybuilding of the back that prepares him to "sit alone".

Games to tame the separation

Invent small games where the separation is immediately followed by the reunion.
Where is Mom ?

  • This is the inevitable game of "cuckoo". At first, it is your face that you hide under a towel, accompanying your traditional gesture: "Hello, where is mom (dad)? She (he) left (i) ... No, the (the) There you are! "announce yourself triumphantly. Your little one's worry will have been short-lived, and the pleasure of finding your face will be immediate. Laughs and clapping will tell you ... The suspense will remain the same as many times as you start again.
  • When your child is well acquainted with this game, it is on his face that you can put the towel (not too long, because black impresses the little ones).

Short balloon, short ...

  • While sitting next to your toddler, roll a ball away from you. Where did he go to hide? Go looking for him without your baby, but conduct your inquiry by asking him: "Do you think he went that far?", "Behind those tall grasses?", "Or maybe behind this massive?", " But yes, here it is! "... Whew! nothing is lost, everything is found!